Chef’s Specials


Jerome Cognes Bouillabaisse

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Jerome Cogne is the present incumbent head chef at the fabulous Bouchon Bistrot in Hexham. I have reviewed Bouchon and…

The Star Inn

Andrew Perns Yorkshire Curd Tartlette

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Iam absolutely honoured to have a recipe from Andrew. The Star Inn at Harome is one of the finest eateries…

Chicken Tikka marinade

Bobs Chicken Tikka

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Second of Bobs recipes a delicious Chicken Tikka. I love Indian food and I have a couple of my own…


Spiced Whitby Mackerel with Mango and Sand Hutton Corriander Salad

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Stephanie Moon is genuinely one of lifes real food lovers. Not only is she one of the UKs foremost chefs…


Sachins Garlic Chilli Prawns

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In the first of my Chefs Specials I am delighted to have Chef and owner of Sachins in Newcastle Bob…