Thai Red Curry Crab Cakes

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  I love Thai curry be it yellow, red or green. This dish uses the red paste to season the…

Vietnamese Bao Buns with Sticky Smoked Duck

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I love Asian Street food and this Vietnamese dish is no different. I have used a smoking gun in this…

Rock Turbot with Thai Yellow Coconut Broth and Scorched Lime

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Rock Turbot or Northern Wolffish is an ugly bugger but its cheap and tastes fantastic. As you’d expect by its…

Sea Bass with Thai Green Curry Pac Choi and Jasmine Rice

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I love Thai Green Curry but this is a little more healthy using the sauce much more sparingly to cut…

Korean Hot Wings

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The clue is in the title people! “Hot Wings” These wings are not for the faint hearted but certainly don’t…

King Prawns with Tomato, Chilli, Garlic and Fennel

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This curried prawn dish is quick and easy and great served with a simple chopped tomato salad and flatbreads. This…

Barbecued Chicken Tikka Madras, Chopped Salad, Cucumber and Mint Raita and Pickled Carrot with Cumin and Mustard seeds.

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I love a bit of curry and a barbecue so why not combine the two. This recipe will serve two….

Scallop and King Prawn Burger with Thai Papaya Slaw

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If you want a healthy and flavour packed alternative to a beef burger give this spicy seafood burger a go!…