Bread and Roses Artisan Bread Bakers

I was in Hexham Farmers Market on Saturday  and I was unceremoniously grabbed by my nostrils and led to the Bread and Roses stand. The smell of the breads they had on sale was incredible. There are a few Artisan bread makers in our region but the produce of Bread & Roses really is superb. Yes I know its easy and convenient to pop down to Tesco for your bread but trust me there is way more to life than pre-packed sliced white…. If you read the back of the Wharburtons packet you get words like “flavouring”…. Excuse me?  Now we’ve been making bread since wheels were square and at no time should there be a need for E’s or flavourings to be included.

Bread and Roses are artisan bakers based in Alnwick and Powburn, near Alnwick, in Northumberland. They specialise in the production of artisan breads, in particular, authentic naturally-leavened and sourdough breads. By its nature sourdough uses natural cultures so the dough develops slowly but imparts for want of a better word a real “bready” flavour!

You will find Bread & Roses at various farmers markets around the North East but please check them out on


I am perhaps overly enthusiastic about artisan foods but its the passion that these food producers have that really makes the extra few pennies you’ll pay well worth it! Oh and if you fancy learning about how to bake they provide classes at their bakery!

So to Andrew and all those involved at Bread and Roses I wish you continued success and I hope that more people discover just what real bread is all about!

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