‘Nook’ Fabulous, Sauces, Dips and Marinades

I blagged myself some fabulous sauces, dips and marinades from Martyn and Nicola a couple who have put their passion for food in to this brillant array of flavour packed pots. I have known Martyn for a fair old while and thought oh sh*t what if these are awful? Will i have to either make up an excuse not to review them or just make something up…… Pause for dramatic effect…. No need! These little pots are the cats pyjamas! Not only that, but the cats trousers, high heels and a cheeky little off the shoulder number it wears for special occasions! Not only does the full range deliever on flavour but they have been created to be genuinely versatile. At the moment youll find them stocked at Vallum Farm, Mmm in the grainger market and Brocks Bushes. I have attached a description of each pot in the range below but i urge you to give them a try!

Hats off guys youve done a cracking job and i hope to see you in more outlets soon!

House Dressing- A sweet and tangy whole grain mustard and Maple syrup dressing. It is beautiful as just a salad dressing, but a spoonful added to a sir fry can really add flavour to even the blandest of dishes making it now a stir in sauce. Adding it to a coleslaw mix will put a refreshing twist to a potentially stodgy classic.

Chipotle and honey- A deep velvety sauce with the sweetness of honey and the after tingle of Chipotle chillies. Smother over ribs for the ultimate sticky glaze or lather over a pork joint, leave overnight to marinade then slow roast, the result with be a succulent piece of meat penetrated deep with flavour and coated with caramelised honey. Or simply apply as a topping to a chicken burger and allow the sauce to coat the food giving an even balance of powerful flavour with every bite.

Parmesan Dip- A rich and creamy dip with Italian Parmesan. Ideal as a dip or salad and meat topping. However to be different, stir into cooked pasta as a NooK version of a carbonara sauce. Mix through massed potato to add a smooth creaminess to this potentially bland dish. Or for the excited chefs out there. Slice a pouch into a chicken breast, stuff the Parmesan dip inside and wrap the breast in some traditional Pancetta. Oven roast for 25minutes and when you cut into the chicken the sauce will ooze from within.

Piquanté pepper Dressing- A sweet and rich dressing with a slight kick of heat. This Asian inspired dressing acts perfectly as a marinade as well. Choose a fresh cut of beef and coat in the dressing. Leave overnight for it to deeply penetrate the fibres with the bold flavours and cook to order. Top a simple salad of greens, mange tout and bean sprouts with the beef , sprinkle freshly chopped coriander and dress with the remaining sauce. Alternatively mix through rice or cous cous dishes to add real depth of flavours to even the dullest of foods.

Wasabi Mayo- A Bold and tangy topping with the after heat of Wasabi. Dip it, Spread it or smother it. Use a fresh cut of salmon and cook until just done, toast a freshly made brioche bun and layer with some fresh rocket and slices of succulent tomatoes. Now assemble and top this Wasabi Mayo. This will add a cool and mildly spicy kick whilst creating a truly unique Burger. Add to beef for and Asian inspired horseradish accompaniment or bind a potato salad in it.

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