Wylam Brewery

Ok so yes im kicking off my food hero section with a booze maker. There are many reasons to try and buy Wylams beers which go beyond mere drunken satiety but hey being honest there are worse things to over endulge with. I was first introduced to Wylam Beer by owner Matt Boyle. I have to confess im not really a real ale or beer drinker, im more likely to drink something a little ponsey and European but the beers Wylam produce are of real quality, diverse and I assure you they will have something that youll happily quaff until your legs betray the rest of your body. Brews from Bohemia which is a Czech style Pilsener beer (absolutely perfect for a barbecue) golden in colour and crisp but with a delicious malty finish to their latest additon “Flannel Hammer” a robust and rich extra-stout but be warned at 7.5% ABV its -as the doctor would say- to be taken in moderation! (Sorry Matt!!)

You will find the beers both on tap around the North East and bottled in off-licences farm shops supermarkets and at food festivals and farmers markets or indeed you can order online from wylambrewery.co.uk

Now my food and drink philosophy is “The more the merrier”….. Not aaalllwayyyys quantity… But enjoying what we eat and drink with good friends.


THE STEAMER Is Wylams monthly pop-up ‘The Steamer’ in conjunction with Rileys Fish Shack is housed at The Boiler Shop in The Stephenson Quarter on the first Friday and Saturday of the month. A veritable melee of street food, music and fine ales, the event has quickly established itself as the place to be for lovers of all things proper whether it be music, beer or food – For more info visit http://www.theboilershopsteamer.com

Guys im an absolutely huge fan of not only your beer but what you are doing for North East food and drink!!

Good Luck!

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