Braised Lettuce with Serrano Ham, Fresh Garden Peas and Pea Shoots

This is a good little light lunch for the Summer. It only takes a few minutes, just enough time for someone to pop the cork on a bottle of chilled white wine and pour you a glass! This recipe serves 2.



4 Babygem Lettuce

4 Slices of Iberico Serrano Ham

Handful of Fresh Garden Peas

1 Banana Shallot

1/2 Garlic Clove

1 tbs Creme Fraiche


Olive oil for dressing


1. Finely slice the shallot and crush the garlic, then gently soften in a little olive oil in the pan. Season with pinch of salt.

2. Take the babygem lettuce and cut off the stalks then quarter lengthways.

3. Drop the lettuce in the pan and gently toss so the garlic and onion is mixed in. Add your peas and then the creme fraiche. The whole process should only take a few minutes. You do not want any colour on the lettuce at all you just want it to start to wilt.

4. Arrange on the plate and dress with peas-shoots and some torn strips of the Serrano. Finally drizzle over a few drops of good olive oil.




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