Pan Fried Fillet of Cod with Tomato Concasse

I love the recent fish dishes ive done because they look good and are just dead simple to make. I have to mention that ive visited Ridleys Fish and Game recently in Acomb and as well as having a wealth of knowledge the produce they stock is just light years ahead of anything youll buy in the supermarkets.


Cod Loin
1 Tomato
1 Banana Shallot
Curly Parsley
1/2 Clove of Garlic
Olive Oil

Prep your garlic, shallot and parsley chopping them all finely and set aside. Make sure the cod loin has been pinboned because there is nothing worse than finding them in your fish or worse having your granny choke at the dinner table. Season the fish either side with a little salt and fry in a little olive oil on a medium heat until the fish has turned white half way up. Turn the fish very carefully and turn off the heat and let the redidual heat cook the fish.

For the concasse make a little cross in the bottom of the tomato and drop in boiling water for 45 seconds then plunge in to ice cold water. Gently fry your shallots in a little olive oil and add in the garlic. Peel the tomato cut into quarters and take out the seeds. Finely slice and dice then add to the shallots. Add the parsley and a little few drops of lemon to warm through. Finally season with salt to taste. Place the fish in the centre of the plate and surround with the concasse.


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