Duck and Porcini Risotto with Duck Skin and Thyme Pangritata and Truffle Oil

Its almost Autumn and this Risotto is just perfect for the colder nights to come. If I was going to eat only one risotto for the rest of my life it would probably be this one! This recipe will serve 2.


You will need:

2 Duck Breasts

200g Arborio Rice

600ml Chicken Stock

25g Dried Porcini Pieces

3 Banana Shallots

2 Cloves of Garlic

50ml White wine

3 tbs Fresh Breadcrumbs

Fresh Thyme

Salt and Pepper to taste

Truffle Oil (please pay a few quid more and get the oil with the piece of truffle in)


1. Remove the skin from one of the duck breasts and  season both sides with salt. Place between two baking trays and cook in the oven for 30 minutes at 200 degrees until the skin is crispy. (Save remaining  duck meat you don’t want to waste it)

2. Put your stock in a pan and begin to gently simmer. Meanwhile pour enough boiling water to cover the mushrooms to soften. This should take about 15 minutes. Save the water. Do not throw it away!

3. Season the skin of the duck then place in a cold dry pan and turn the heat to medium/high to render  out the fat, this will take around 4-5 minutes. Turn and seal the underside for another minute. Leave to rest. Save the fat in the pan for the breadcrumbs.

4. Finely dice the shallots and garlic then in a deep sided pan gently sweat in a little olive oil. They should soften but not colour.

5. Add the rice to the pan and stir until the grains start to become translucent. Add the wine and stir until almost absorbed.

6. Add a ladle of stock then add your mushrooms. Pour the water from the mushrooms in to your stock. Continue to add the stock until the grains are soft. Just before serving add a couple of knobs of butter. Add cracked black pepper and a little salt.

7. In the pan that you fried the duck in add a tablespoon of olive oil and fry the breadcrumbs until  golden. Once done remove and place on a kitchen towel. Take your crispy duck skin and blitz in a food processor then add to your breadcrumbs. Take a stalk of Thyme then remove the leaves and scatter over the mix. Season with a little sea salt.

8. Pop your duck in the oven and cook flesh side down for 12 minutes. Take out then rest.

9. Time to serve. Place the rice in the bottom of the bowl then slice your duck, you ought to get 3 slices per person. Place the duck on top of the risotto then scatter over the Pangritata. Finally drizzle over a little truffle oil.






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