Scallops and Halibut with Samphire, Enoki Mushrooms and a Yuzu, Passionfruit and Chilli Deessing

I kind of just made this dish up as I went along  .  I bought the fish from Ridleys in the morning then did a few laps of the veg aisle in Waitrose and this is what I’ve come up with.


You will need.

3 Scallops per person

Halibut Fillet (skinned)


Enoki Mushrooms


1 Red Chilli

1 Passionfruit

1 tbs Yuzu Juice

1/2 tsp Grated Ginger

1/2 tsp Sesame Oil

1 Spring Onion

1 tsp Light Soy


1. First make your dressing. Finely chop half a red chilli then cut the passionfruit in half and scoop out the seeds and juice. Place them in s bowl then add your ginger, soy and Yuzu juice.

2. Season the halibut and scallops with a little seasalt then fry the halibut first in a little olive oil on a medium/high heat. Once it’s done turn the heat up and cook your scallops for about 2 minutes per side.

3. Peel and segment the grapefruit then carefully break it up with your fingers.

4. In a clean frying pan drop in some mushrooms with the Samphire and spring Onions. Add a dash of soy and cook for no more than a minute.

5. Assemble the dish with the halibut in the centre then the scallops. Scatter over the mushrooms, Samphire and Spring onions then     pour over your dressing.






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