Seared Scallops with a Romesco Sauce, Samphire and Crispy Serrano

A nice little starter when entertaining, the only thing that takes any time is the sauce.

You will find the recipe for the Romesco sauce in my previous post.

3 Scallops
Pata Negra Serrano

Take a couple of pieces of the Serrano and dry fry in a pan. Using the back of your spatula press down on the ham to keep it flat. It will only take about a minute on each side. Remove and puton acooling rack to crisp up.

Season the scallops with a little salt and pan fry in a drop of olive oil and some butter. It will only take a couple of minutes both sides.

In a cup of boiling water drop in the saphire for a couple of minutes, they wont take longer than that to become tender. Gently heat your pre-made Romesco sauce.

All about assembly now. Use the Romesco sauce as a base and set on your scallops, serrano and samphire.


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