Vietnamese Beef Noodle Salad

I love the freshness of Vietnamese food. This warm salad packs a good chilli hit together with fresh herbs and lime. The key to making this work as with most Asian food is preparation. If you prep all your veg first this is just an absolute doddle to make. This recipe will serve 2.


You will need:

1 Good sized Sirloin Steak (trimmed of fat and marinaded in light soy and sesame oil for 1 hour)

Vermicelli Noodles (3 nests for 2 people)

1/4 Red Pepper

1/4 Green Pepper

2 Red Chillies

1/2 Thinly Sliced Carrot

Small Handful Green Beans

2 Spring Onions

1/2 Stick of Lemongrass

2 tbs Roasted Peanuts

Enoki Mushrooms

1 Head of Pac Choi (thinly sliced)

Fresh Mint

Fresh Thai Basil

Fresh Coriander

1 tbs Light Soy







For the Dressing


Juice of 1 Large Lime

1 tbs Fish Sauce

1 tbs Light Soy

1 tsp Sesame Oil

1 Finely diced chilli

1 tsp Chopped Coriander stalks

1/2 tsp Palm Sugar

1/2 tsp clear honey



  1. First of all prepare all your veg as you can see in the picture above. Then create your dressing and set aside while you marinade the beef in 2 tbs of light soy and 1 tsp of sesame oil.
  2. Once your steak has marinated for an hour take it out the fridge and let it come back to room temperature. Heat your pan with a little oil until smoking and cook your steak turning every minute for about 3-4 minutes on each side for a medium rare steak.
  3. Take the steak out and allow to rest.
  4. Cook the noodles until soft in boiling salted water then place in ice cold water to stop the cooking.
  5. Heat your wok with a little oil then add your veggies. Green beans first for about 30 seconds then add peppers, spring onions, lemongrass, chilli, carrot and pac choi. This should take no more than a minute. Finally add a few leaves of coriander, mint, thai basil and your enoki mushrooms. Add a tbs of light soy and about a tbs of the dressing.
  6. Add in your noodles and mix well.
  7. Slice your beef
  8. Arrange the noodles and veg on your plate and top with the beef, a few more torn leaves, fresh chillies and peanuts. Drizzle over plenty of the dressing and serve.





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