Duck and Chicken Terrine

This is a doddle to to its all about the quality of the ingredients you use. I know when i make this im always tempted to eat it straight away but just leave it in the fridge overnight and youll be rewarded with that greater intensity of flavour. Its just a great snack/starter at anytime.


Large Pack of Streaky Smoked Bacon
3 Chicken thighs (trimmed)
Pack of Waitrose mini duck fillets
Pack of 10 quality large pork sausages
Clove of Garlic
50ml double cream
Splash of Brandy
Fresh Thyme

Slice up your chicken in to thin strips and add the duck meat in a bowl. Season with salt and pepper and add a little dash of brandy and some sprigs of thyme.

In a greased loaf tin lay in your smoked bacon leaving enough over hangining so you can fold over the bacon to seal in the terrine. In a bowl skin your sausages, add the cream and a hand full of chopped parsley. Season with some salt and pepper then fry a little of the mixture to taste the flavour. Give the mixture a good beating to break it down a little.

After an hour drain off the duck and chicken and fry in a pan to seal the meat.

Lay a thin layer of sausage meat on the bottom on the terrine then some of the duck and chicken. Repeat until the loaf tin is full. Wrap over the bacon and give a good push down making sure the filling iswell packed down.

Double foil the top of the terrine and place in a deep sided baking tray adding boiling water sothe level goes half way up the tin. Pop in the oven and roast at 180 degrees for an hour.

Once cooked pour off the excess fat and then allow to cool a little before re covering then putting on a little weight to compact the mixture. Put in the fridge overnight. Before serving takeout of the fridge for 20 minutes then turn out and slice. Great served with warm crusty bread and some pickles or a bit of piccalili.


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